Jamie Anderson

Singer-songwriter-parking lot attendant Jamie Anderson is making her first appearance at Fiddler’s green. Jamie has played her unique original songs in hundreds of venues in four countries. The Canadian/American is a multi-instrumentalist who’s folk without the Birkenstocks, country without the big hair and jazz without the angst. Songs on her 13 albums range from the serious “Beautiful,” about body image, to the tongue-in-cheek “Marry Me,” where she sings about wanting to marry Rachel Maddow because, really, who wouldn’t?

Jamie’s YouTube channel has 73 K subscribers. Some people are there for the guitar instruction, including one video that’s received over two million views. She’s also the author of three books, Drive All Night, Drive All Day (Because I’m Too Old to Drive All Night) and An Army of Lovers – Women’s Music of the Seventies and Eighties. 

Jamie hails from Ottawa, Ontario except for a few months in the winter when she hides out in Arizona. Jamie’s expressive voice and personable stage manner are an asset to any stage. She’s legally blind in one eye, so you really don’t want to hand over the keys to your Volvo … although, with enough chocolate, she’ll consider it. Make sure your insurance is up-to-date.


George Hergen

Folksinger and balladeer George Hergen (a.k.a. “Captain George”) regularly performs at Fiddler’s Green in March as one-half of The Irish Brothers with partner Sandy Flynn. But when George was a teenager learning Irish folk music from the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem in Greenwich Village, he was also becoming steeped in North American folk. You’ll see the splendid results in his September Fiddler’s Green set.

Born and raised in New York City, George found his way to the Village at an early age and immediately became addicted to the folk scene that was happening in the mid-1960’s. He has been playing and singing ever since, continuing in that 60’s folk tradition.

George was the inaugural banjo instructor at the Frank Hamilton School of Folk Music in Atlanta. George has been playing at coffee houses, festivals, house concerts, concerts and private parties from New York City to Florida for over 60  years. Come on out and share a song or two with the Captain.