Weather-related issues are preventing the musicians from getting to Atlanta. 

Tina and Her Pony

Indie Folk band Tina and Her Pony began in Asheville, North Carolina, USA in 2010.  Shortly thereafter, they spent two years holed up in the high desert mountain town of Taos, New Mexico becoming one of the iconic artist colony’s most beloved performing acts.  

In a soundscape rich in folk and Americana offerings, Tina and Her Pony stands out with their clarity and freshness. Harmonies, arrangements, lyrics and captivating vocals combine to create something greater than the sum of the pieces which, taken individually, are deceptively straightforward. The music chronicles complex emotional landscapes with the kind of wisdom and honesty required from roots music in its most distilled and cherished forms.  The pandemic brought much change and loss to Tina’s world, and this is reflected in her fresh material, a collection of songs that comprises the newest record, “Marigolds” (2023). The current lineup is a 4 piece band of close-knit friends based in Asheville, NC and their playful energy and sound welcomes the listener to be part of their warm camaraderie.



The Moon and You

At its core, The Moon and You is a charismatic husband-and-wife team. Melissa Hyman plays cello, Ryan Furstenberg plays guitar and banjo, and both sing in “voices that sound like they were made for one another” (Bill DeYoung, Connect Savannah). But whatever you might assume based on their gorgeous vocal blend and heartfelt lyrics, this ain’t your basic folk duo. With a rotating cast of talented friends to add unexpected instrumentation to their lineup, The Moon and You never plays the same show twice. This ever-evolving, expandable and collapsible model leaves the band constantly reinventing itself in ways both surprising and satisfying.

Currently calling Asheville, NC home, Furstenberg and Hyman mix up a fresh blend of influences from very different backgrounds. Melissa grew up in the NYC area studying classical cello. Her dad is a professional violinist and formal music instructor, her mom a fan of 60s folk who loves to host a good old fashioned sing-along. Ryan was born and raised among the Eastern NC tobacco fields, learning classic country and 70s rock on harmonica and then guitar. His rich country baritone and easy Southern style bring an undeniable Americana flavor to the table. Together, the two form a sound that is warm and inviting, atmospheric and playful.