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Mark Stuart Guitar Workshop and House Concert

July 13, 2019 @ 2:30 pm - 10:00 pm EDT

I would like to invite you to a house concert, preceded by a special guitar workshop with Nashville’s Mark Stuart on Saturday July 13. Workshop at 2:30PM and concert at 7:00PM. I had the pleasure of sharing an evening with Mark at Steve’s Live music in February of 2015. Recently I have run sound for Mark at several concerts and can promise a good show. Mark is an accomplished guitarist, songwriter, performer, and teacher. He has toured with Steve Earle, Joan Baez and others. Check him out here: ​www.markstuart.net​.

Specifically for the guitar players: “My workshops are not cookie-cutter events. That is because everyone who attends is the not at the same place as a player. Everyone does not have the same musical tastes. And, finally, everyone does not have the same ambition, as far as what he or she wishes to do with guitar. It is my job to assess all of that in the early stages of the workshop and go from there. In my history of doing these I normally do less playing than the attendees. You will not become better at it if you sit and watch most of the time. You need to wrap your hands around the guitar and actually do it, play it. If you are in need of certain instruction, certain info or skills, I will usually let you know that right away. I will use my judgement on that and that judgement is always very solid. I will make sure you get it right there on the spot and the others will take it in, too. Some of them will need the same things, anyway. I will always address the stronger players, as well as the weaker players, in the room. I am well rounded as a guitarist, and fully at home confronting blues styles, fingerstyle folk ideas, rock licks, country music “chops”, and so on. If you are an open mic attendee, or if you have regular paying engagements, or if you are a singer-songwriter who wishes to make Indy records for yourself, I am prepared to give you very helpful info, I promise. Please read my artist bio from my website and it will give you some indication of the road I have traveled. I hope to help you with your guitar playing!”

He has a break in his tour and has agreed to come down from Nashville to do a workshop on Saturday July 13 in the afternoon. That would be followed by a concert in the evening. We’ll take a break between the two for dinner. As a touring musician, Mark needs a certain amount of guaranteed participation for these two events in order to go forward. The workshop will have much to offer including ways to improve jamming and playing with others; learning blues and other licks; learning when and how to come into a song and leave, how and when to solo. He is highly regarded as a teacher and has been on the faculty at The Folk Alliance.

Mark proposes a fee of $25.00 for the workshop and $10.00 for the concert. For those doingboth, a $5.00 discount will be offered. Will collect the contributions in advance – checks payable to Mark Stuart or cash and hold them until Mark gets here. In the event we don’t have enough participation, all we be refunded. We will do this at my home in Buford. Address and directions to follow when I have your RSVP.

Harmon Koeltz

RSVP woodenuff@charter.net VIA EMAIL

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July 13, 2019
2:30 pm - 10:00 pm EDT
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